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Flavored Sea Moss Smoothies (Bundle-3pk)

2 customer reviews


Category: Smoothies and Juices

**FL, GA, AL, SC, and NC residents only**

Call customer service number if you’re not located in one of the above states, but would like to order and pay for two day shipping!

Our flavored sea moss smoothies are made with St. Lucian golden sea moss.  Both the Mixed Berry and Mango flavors contain a little banana for added sweetness.

2 reviews for Flavored Sea Moss Smoothies (Bundle-3pk)

  1. Ruth Quarterman

    I just want everyone to know about the Sea Moss Smoothies, before I started drinking them I had aches and pain in my joints and I also had pain from arthritis so after drinking the Smoothies I feel much better, I can get around without the pain I use to have, I am well pleased I’ve tried both flavors and they both are delicious.

  2. john hart

    Great product. I highly recommend it for your health and dietary needs. Great tasting and affordable.

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