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WELLthy Immune Juice (Bundle-3pk)


Category: Smoothies and Juices


**FL, GA, AL, SC, and NC residents only**

Call customer service number if you’re not located in one of the above states, but would like to order and pay for two day shipping!

Our WELLthy Immune Juice is packed with vitamin C, potassium, folate, and more…. Mucus, inflammation, coughs, and colds may be combatted using this natural blend made with fresh oranges, limes, yellow bell pepper, and ginger! Or, drink this juice in an effort to stay ahead of the game!

Warning: It is highly recommended that this juice be sipped due to the strong ginger taste. It is NOT intended to necessarily taste good. This drink is intended to provide you with nutrients that are proven to be beneficial to the body!

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